Signal Wave Explorer


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Your introductory gateway to the world of analog signal processing by way of sampled simulations using discrete Fourier transforms.

  • Includes over a dozen lesson examples that introduce you to various problems that lurk in the analog portion of embedded system designs, and also illustrate the technique of applying Fourier transforms to synthesizing signals and running simulations.
  • You can synthesize sine waves, rectified sine waves, square waves, triangle waves, general trapezoid waves, and pass them through various simulated analog circuits such as low pass filters, high pass filters, inverting and non-inverting amplifiers. You can add random noise to the signals. See the resulting output waveforms, both in the time and frequency domains.
  • A great exploration and learning tool for both the student and professional alike.
  • Each simulation outputs eight stem-plots and detailed data dumps that show you the steps from input signal in the time domain, thru the frequency domain and the system response, and out the other end in the time domain.
  • Handles 500K samples per simulation with ease. Simulation results are just mere seconds away.


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