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Signal Wave Explorer is your introductory gateway to the world of analog signal processing, giving you the power to simulate the processing of a signal through an analog circuit. With SWE, you can venture on journeys through time and frequency, and you might even learn something along the way!

  • A great exploration and learning tool for both the student and professional alike.
  • Includes over a dozen lesson examples that introduce you to various design issues that lurk in the analog portion of embedded systems.
  • Due to underlying Fourier transform technology, you’ll see first hand the techniques of applying Fourier transforms to the synthesizing signals and the running of simulations — techniques that are discussed in few other places.
  • You can synthesize sine waves, rectified sine waves, square waves, triangle waves, and general trapezoid waves. These can be passed through various simulated analog circuits, such as low pass filters, high pass filters, inverting and non-inverting amplifiers. You’ll see the resulting waveforms in both time and frequency.
  • You can add random noise to the signals and see the effects of this noise.
  • Each simulation produces eight stem-plots and detailed data dumps that show you, step by step, how the input signal is transformed into an output signal.
  • Configurations take just a few clicks, and results are just mere seconds away, using our proprietary simulation engine. Handles simulations with up to 500K sample points with ease.

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