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Signal Wave Explorer 1.0SWE V Icon 64x64

Signal Wave Explorer (SWE) is your introductory gateway to the world of analog signal processing, giving you the power to simulate the processing of a signal through an analog circuit. With SWE, you can venture on journeys through time and frequency, and you might even learn something along the way!

  • Sampled simulations via discrete Fourier transforms
  • Over a dozen lesson examples illustrating embedded circuit design issues that can trip up the unwary
  • Signal and system plots in time and frequency
  • Simulates various filter and amplifier stages
  • Handles simulations of 500K samples with ease
  • An educational tool for the student and professional alike

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SCE V Icon 64x64Signal Chain Explorer (preview)

Signal Chain Explorer (SCE) is a software tool that helps you, the embedded system designer, explore the design space of an analog signal chain — the circuitry that goes from sensor to analog-to-digital (A/D) converter. The main goal of SCE is to compute the effective number of bits (ENOB) and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), and to account for all the things that affect these numbers, such as thermal noise, thermal transient distortion, electromagnetic interference, power supply and ground path fluctuations, connection wiring parasitics, ringing and oscillation issues.

SCE has easy signal chain construction, easy parameter and equation entry, fast and accurate calculations, fast charting, and a built-in set of common interference models used to trip up the unwary. All of this to aid you in determining quickly and easily what problems your signal chain may have, finding work-arounds, and exploring the boundaries of what’s possible. This will help lead your designs to successful outcomes.

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